My Watches

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  innovative Iphone App – WHACKY WHATCH


And Here Are Some Other Watches that we Have Designed

Mathematical Inspirations

The Palindrome is my favorite. I don’t think you’ll find anything like it on the Internet.  It uses the concept of a “palindrome” to tell the time.  But what’s a palindrome? Click here and find out. Palindrome Watch

The Factorial is my second favorite design.  I think you’ll find it as unique and compelling as The Palindrome.  It explains the mathematics of factorials and how to tell time with it. It’s all just a click away. Factorial Watch

The Binary Analog…sounds scary.  It’s not–though it is a bit mathematical.  It’s the system computers are based on.  And now you can use that same system to tell the time.  It’s crazy fun! Binary Analog

The Binary 01…sounds even scarier.  Don’t be intimidated.  This is my second of two binary-based designs.  I am partial to this one because it’s more challenging.  Let’s get those brain cells firing! Binary 01

Leonardo Fibonacci.  Who was he?  What did he do that enabled me to create The Fibonacci more than 800 years later?  It’s all about numbers, the Mona Lisa and the pyramids.  Read all about it in Fibonacci Watch

The Geometric Regulator.  Three dials.  Three geometric figures: triangle, circle, square, each moving in its own orbit.  Working together in a breathtaking color display to give you an accurate-to-the-minute time.  Don’t wait another second…Geometric Regulator

Scientific Inspirations

If you have been to a beach, you know what a wave is. Wave Watches (there are 2) provide a richer understanding of wave phenomena–their shape, structure, and time-telling mystique. Wave Watches

Enough with the math!  Learn about Primary Colors and how they mix.  How to get green paint when you don’t have green paint.  What a Venn diagram is.  And how to use it in a “colorful” way to tell the time. Primary Colors

True to the title of the webpage, Phases, Phases, Phases is a “wacky” way to tell the time.  If you can count the sections of an orange, you’re in!  It’s fun, dazzlingly colorful, and…well, just click Phases, Phases, Phases and find out.

Sports and Games

Who’s on first?  What’s on second?  The time, that’s what.  You can steal bases, but not time.  Find out how Time for Baseball allows you to tell the time without ever leaving the infield. Time for Baseball

The Poker Player is all fun and whimsy.  But do not be fooled–you must know your poker hands to play.  You can’t lose money here, but you can have loads of fun “dealing out” the time. Poker Player

Just Plain Fun

I thought of this one when The Zipper of my jacket got stuck, and I was cursing the guy who invented it.  It’s colorful and whimsical–a fascinating concept where a zipper opens and closes to tell the time.  Zip it up! Zipper Watch

Remember having to match an item in Column A with one in Column B on a Biology or History quiz?  Now do it to tell the time in The Matching Test.  I include a variety of images with this design.  Which color combination do you favor? Matching Test

Get out your mirror forno, not to comb your hair or apply lipstick. To tell the time!  The Reverse Analog turns everything around.  You may even start walking backward after you strap it on your wrist.  Check it out here. Reverse Analog

Retrograde.  In astronomy it refers to a celestial body moving “backward.”  In horology, it refers to a hand moving backward–at least part of the time.  QuatroRetro does it 4 different ways, in 4 different places, and 6 different colors.  How?  Stop wondering and click QuatroRetro

Open the door…peek through a window…study a chimney or passing cloud.  And then you’ll know what time it is with House of Time.  Learn how to “house watch” now. House of Time

Hour of Color: A minute hand and a second hand…that’s it.  No hour indicator!  And a dial that looks more like a psychedelic dart board than the face of a timepiece.  How to tell the time??  Just quick click Hour of Color



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