House of Time

This one’s a bit off the walls…and window, and door!.  I call it House of Time.  It incorporates an ingenious blend of the time-telling elements with the structural features of a cottage or bungalow.  It is colorful, whimsical, and just plain fun

A diagram of the dial, at left, will help greatly to understand the unique time-telling method.   (Actual size would be about 40mm x 48 mm—a “Goldilocks” size, for both smaller and larger wrists.)

In the diagram, different parts of the house that are significant in the time-telling, are numbered.  In the actual watch, only the chimney and cloud are numbered.  (Their function will be addresses shortly.) However, the slats of the house can be numbered on the left or right edge of the case, for easier time-telling. Also, the case can be done in white acetate or ceramic, rather than in black. Or both a black and white version. Why not?!  Below is the time-telling method:

1.  Hours are represented by the tan-colored slats that comprise the front siding of the house.  They are numbered 1-12, from top to bottom.  The correct hour is indicated by the appropriately numbered slat blinking.  The remaining slats do not blink, but remain constantly lit.

2.  Minutes are represented by (a) the boards of the green door, and  (b) the fuchsia window curtain, as follows:

(a)  The appropriate green door board blinks, indicating the correct 5-minute interval.  The remaining door boards do not blink, but remain constantly lit.                                 (b)  Either none, one, two, three or four segments of the window curtain blink. These indicate individual minutes, and are added to the minutes represented by the blinking door board.  Curtain segments that are not blinking remain lit constantly, and are not added to the door-board minutes.

3.  Seconds are indicated by Arabic numerals in the chimney.

4.  The date is indicated by Arabic numerals in the cloud.                                                       Ex.”17″ would be the 17th day of the present month.

5.  AM and PM are indicated with the door knob.

AM:  door knob is blinking
PM:  door knob is constantly lit

[This feature can be eliminated, if desired, since there is no alarm function.]

The top pusher is a time/date display;  the bottom pusher is a time/date set.


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