Binary Analog Watch

I call this timepiece the Binary or Base-Two Analog.  There are a number of binary watches on the market today, but this design is unique in both its layout and function.

The numerals on the dial follow the binary or base-two number system.  Our conventional numbering system is base 10.  The chart below compares the two systems as simply as possible.

Without getting overly technical (base systems other than 10 can get quite confusing), you can easily see where the numbers on the dial arise from.  They are successive whole-number power values of base 2.

Before continuing, study the dials below which show two different times.

The left side of each dial represents hour of the day in the time mode, and month of the year in the date mode.  The right side represents minutes in the time mode, and day of the month in the date mode.  Pressing the top pusher displays the time or date for twelve seconds (once for time, twice for date).  The display is not lit until the pusher is pressed, to conserve battery life.  Pressing the bottom pusher sets the time or date.

When the display is on:

  1. All of the numbers are lit in red except those that add to get the time or date. Those numbers are lit in green.  Repeat: Only the green-lit numbers add to get the time or date!
  2. The “0” is always red, since zero adds nothing.
  3. The “32” is only a minute digit, when lit green, since no hour or month goes past 12, and no day of the month goes past 31.
  4. The blue hands are always lit, and give the impression of an analog watch.  They never change position, and do not figure in the time-telling or date-telling at all.  However, the hour hand changes in length.  When shorter, it is AM; when longer, it is PM (as indicated).

A larger and smaller case size can be offered, with dial, case and strap color choices, to accommodate personal preferences.


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