Reverse Analog Watch

This watch is analog, with an hour, minute and second hand moving circularly around the dial.  But that is where ANY similarity to a traditional analog watch ends!   (See diagram to the right, below.)

In the traditional position of the hands, the “tail” is centrally located and pivots from a central point, with the “head” pointing outward to the chapter ring or circle of hour markers.  In this watch, the hour (yellow) and minute (orange) hand point inward.  In the traditional dial, the hour numerals are arranged in a clockwise sequence.  In this watch, they are arranged in reverse, or counterclockwise.  They are also written in reverse, so the time is read correctly through a mirror!!  Have fun–try it with the diagram to the right.  (Correct time and date are given at bottom of page.)

In the traditional watch, the hour and minute hand move clockwise around the dial.  In this watch they move in reverse, or counterclockwise–so as to agree with the counterclockwise arrangement of the hour numerals.  At the 12 o’clock position, there is also a date window, with numeral(s)–yes– written in reverse.

Hence, the name Reverse Analog!

To confuse matters further, the second hand (red) has a traditional position and moves clockwise, in a traditional manner.  The opposing motions offer an interesting counterpoint.

In the version presented here, the dial is black and white, with a white case and band.  However, the timepiece can be produced in a variety of color choices and combinations.  The case size can vary from a small/traditional 35 to an oversized 50 mm in diameter.

Time: 1:30:05     Date:  13th day of the month


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