Palindrome Watch

I call it the Palindrome.  But what’s a palindrome?  It is defined as:  “A word, phrase or numeric sequence that reads the same backward as forward.”

e.g.  madam,  nurses run,  1074701

The diagrams of the dial below, showing 2 different times, will help greatly to explain the time-telling method.

As illustrated, the dial has a set of blue numbers above the midline, and a set of red or green numbers below it.  Very simply, the blue numbers indicate the hour of the day (12 o’clock or 3 o’clock, as indicated).  These numbers represent the first half of the palindrome.  The second half is not displayed, but must be completed mentally.  For example, the 12 in the first example would have the palindrome 1221, or 12:21.

The red or green numbers represent the minutes that must be subtracted or added to the 12:21, or 03:30,  to get the correct time.  (Red numbers subtract, green numbers add.)  In other words, if the time is 12:30 (as indicated in the first example), the watch dial would display 12 (blue) 09 (green) [12:21 + 09 = 12:30].

In the second example, the 03 would have the palindrome 0330, or 03:30.  If the time is 3:12 (as indicated), the watch dial would display 03 (blue) 18 (red) [03:30 – 18 = 3:12].

The dial can be done LCD or LED.  If done LCD (less energy use), the time display would by constantly on. Pressing a button would display the date, with month in blue, and day of the month in red or green–using the same method as the “time” function. If done LED, the time display would be lit for 10 seconds with the press of a button.  Pressing the button twice would display the date.  (I really prefer the “constantly on” option, to baffle curious onlookers.)

The dial, case and band can be offered in a variety of color combinations.


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