Time for Baseball

Play ball!!  It’s Time for Baseball.  That’s what I call this latest watch design of mine.  A pusher on the side of the watch lights up the dial, which then displays in full-color, a baseball diamond, or infield.  (The dial is unlit until activated by the pusher, to conserve battery life.)  A second pusher sets the time and/or date.

A study of the dial diagram below and to the right will help greatly to understand the time-telling method.  (The actual case size is about 50 mm in diameter.)  In the diagram, different parts of the dial that are significant to the time-telling, are numbered.  (Their function will be addressed in the following section, #1.)  In the actual watch, only the bases are numbered, with the numbers inside the base.  (Their function will be addressed in the following section, #2 and #3.) The case and band/bracelet can be done in a choice of colors and materials.

Time-telling method:

1.  Hours, numbered in black, are represented by the players and bases, as indicated on the enlarged diagram. (Basemen colored in blue are the players in the field.  Those colored in fuchsia are the team at bat and 3rd base coach.) A blinking base or player indicates the hour.
(Remember, these numbers will not be present in the actual watch. It is not necessary.)

2.  Minutes are indicated by the red number inside 3rd base and 1st base.                          .                            Ex.
.                             2                              9
.                      (3rd base)               (1st base)                Time: 29 minutes past the hour

.                     Minutes will range from 0 to 59

3.  The date is indicated by the blue number(s) inside 2nd base and home plate.
.         Ex.
.                                        9                                                                                            .                                    (2nd base)                                                                                                                                                                              Date:  September 23                    .                              23                                                                                      .                                         (home plate)

AM and PM are indicated by the ball and bat along the first-base line:
.                AM:  Ball is blinking
.                PM:   Bat is blinking

(This feature can be eliminated if desired, since there is no alarm function.)

The large black bat has no time-telling function.  It is for appearance only.


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